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Loon Lake Retreat

Our Story

They transformed a vacant lot into a bastion of tranquility, a lakeside sanctuary that's been a backdrop for countless family memories. For over four decades, they expanded and enhanced this magical place, intending to retire in the serenity of Loon Lake—a testament to their enduring love for the area.

Loon Lake Retreat is not just a rental; it's a family heirloom, lovingly built by Brian and Lynda McKinney in 1979.

While Brian and Lynda have passed, their spirit of hospitality and love for Muskoka's natural beauty lives on through their daughter. She grew up with Loon Lake's waters lapping at her feet and now continues her parents' legacy.


Honouring her promise, the cottage was thoughtfully renovated in 2021, modernizing amenities while preserving the charm that has made this retreat a beloved getaway for generations.

Today, the cottage remains a testament to their vision.

Loon Lake Retreat extends an invitation to you—guests seeking relaxation, families creating memories, and friends gathering to celebrate. Each corner of the cottage, every view of the lake, tells a story. Come and add yours.

Craft Your Story at Loon Lake Retreat.

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